Our mission is to find a client for each of our properties in our portoflio or to help you to find the property you are looking for. We will do our utmost to accomplish the mission you have trusted us with. To do so we will use all our knowhow and tools that are at our disposition :

  • a vast portofolio of clients looking to buy or rent properties
  • a large window display attracting a lot of visitors
  • welcoming offices open 6 days of 7 and a permanent phoneline open 7 days a week
  • extensive advertising in medias such as : l'Eventail, L'Essentielle Immo (La Libre Belgique), Immo Le Soir, le Transit National and Transit Prestige, Le City Mag (exclusive), La Vie à Lasne etc.
  • continuos presence on websites such as Immoweb and Immoscan

And most importantly : personal contact. Continous communication with you, our clients, is essential for us in order to help you in the best way and to fulfil our mission.