When you have decided to sell or rent your property or when you are looking for a house to rent or to buy, you will face various contracts and documents such as : agency contracts, offers, leases and sale contracts "compromis de vente" etc.

We advise to read and analyze every document before signature and to ask for advice if needed.

Legislation evolves continuously and we remind you that following requirements must be fullfilled in certain cases when a property is sold:

  • a certificate of conformity of the oil tank
  • a certificate of the electrical installation from 1/4/2007 
  • any irregular construction must be amended
  • a special file called "DIU" or "dossier d'intervention ultérieur" which contains all the information about work done to a property after the 1/5/2001, must be transmitted to the new owner by the seller

We will help you through A to Z in any of your real estate transactions in close cooperation with your notary and/or any other advisor.